Build web site traffic with Banner Advertising

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Creating a steady stream of incoming visitors can be a challenge for any web site, especially a newly-created one. To give your web site and online business a real chance to succeed, you should take steps to increase exposure of your site and to pull in as many visitors as possible.

Banner Advertising is a very easy and cost-effective way to promote your web site and immediately generate additional visitor traffic. With banner advertising, your logo and message are displayed in a 468 x 60 pixel image on other web sites, and viewers who click your banner are immediately taken directly to your web site (they don’t even need to type in your web site’s URL address). It’s the easiest way to bring new visitors to your site, and banner advertising can help establish your brand name through repeated exposure to viewers.

The site and network of more than 4.6 million user sites receive millions of visitors every month; these are people that you can draw in to visit YOUR site with very little effort or cost. As a WebSpawner member you can start an advertising campaign for as little as $5 and have your ad displayed for ONLY HALF A PENNY per viewer! Purchase a larger campaign with more displays and SAVE EVEN MORE, further reducing the cost of each banner ad display.

You won’t find advertising on TV, newspapers, or radio for prices this low. Best of all, you control the total cost by the number of displays you choose; there are no surprise increases in the expense of your campaign.

Starting a banner ad campaign is easy; you just fill out a simple order form, upload your 468 x 60 pixel banner ad image, and select the number of ad displays you would like. WebSpawner takes care of the rest for you, launching your banner displays campaign and providing you with a link where you can log in and view up-to-date reporting on the number of times your banner ad was displayed and clicked. And remember: every viewer who clicks your ad immediately sees your web site!

If you’d like to take advantage of this low-cost promotion opportunity but do not have a banner ad to provide, WebSpawner can take care of that for you, too… just select the option on the order form to have a custom banner ad designed for you for a small flat fee, and answer a few quick questions to give some instructions for our designers. You’ll be contacted with the chance to view your new custom banner design (and request any needed changes) before your displays campaign begins.

In just a couple minutes of your time (and for very little cost) you can start bringing in fresh new traffic to your web site, and every new visitor could mean a new lead or sale for your online business. Log in to your WebSpawner account (or create one today) and click the Promote Your Site tab in the Member Menu, then click the Banner Ad Displays icon as shown in the image below. Start your banner advertising campaign today and start getting more traffic to your web site!


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Benefit from a link in the SuperLinks Directory

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The SuperLinks Directory is a searchable human-edited internet directory of quality content website links and articles, organized by topic for easy navigation.

Unlike search engines, which include millions of links in effort to index every site on the internet, the SuperLinks Directory includes only quality web sites which will be useful to its users. By using real live human editors to review and approve sites for inclusion, SuperLinks Directory strives to provide a quality online resource for web surfers everywhere.

You may have heard about “link farms” and other reciprocal linking schemes used in order to try to gain an advantage of higher positioning in search engine results; however, the major search engines like Google and Yahoo frown upon these and can actually penalize your site’s listing position as a result. In contrast, the human-edited aspect of SuperLinks Directory results in only quality web sites being included, and a link from SuperLinks Directory to your site will be viewed as a quality inbound link by major search engine algorithms… this can result in higher positioning in search engine results and perhaps even a boost in your site’s PageRank score.

Additionally, a link in the SuperLinks Directory can increase traffic to your web site directly as SuperLinks users can find a direct link to your site under a category in which they are interested, without having to wade through page after page of search engine results to find your listing.

Perhaps best of all, submitting your site to the SuperLinks Directory for inclusion is absolutely free; there are no fees required, and no strings attached. SuperLinks Directory is ad-supported, and does not charge for submission of links or articles. Creation of a free account is required before you can submit a link or article, and submissions must comply with the posted Submission Guidelines.

If you manage a web site which presents quality content, or if you are a writer and would like to expand your reader base, you can benefit substantially from inclusion of your articles or link in the SuperLinks Directory. You have nothing to lose, but additional traffic to gain. Visit the SuperLinks Directory at today to create your FREE account and submit your article or web site link!

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Star Spangled Savings sales event

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Crazy Art” here, celebrating Independence Day!

In honor of the 4th of July, I’d like to offer YOU some explosive deals to help your website spark up some additional visitor traffic! For a limited time only I’ll slash an additional 20% off of our already low prices on any Search Engine Submission package. And, to get your banners really “waving” in front of the millions of monthly visitors to the WebSpawner network, I’ll double the number of displays on any Banner Ad Display package. If you don’t have a banner ad, we can even design one for you.

These offers are only available to WebSpawner members, but you must act quicklylogin to your WebSpawner account today and look for the offer in the Member Menu as shown below. Don’t delay… both of these Star Spangled Savings offers will end July 15th!


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Get visitors to promote your site for you!

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One of the most powerful and time-tested methods of advertising is word of mouth… get customers to recommend your business to others and new customers will result. For online businesses, the equivalent of word of mouth recommendations would be the sharing of web site links (URL addresses), and the easier you can make it for your site’s visitors to share your URL address with others, the better. For this very purpose, your WebSpawner web site account includes an “E-mail a Friend” feature which you can activate to allow your site’s visitors to help promote your web site by sharing your address link. With today’s post we’ll go over how you can add this feature to your site in just minutes.

First, login to your Enhanced WebSpawner account (or if you don’t have one yet, you can create a WebSpawner web site in minutes… see this article for easy to follow instructions).

After you have logged in (or have completed creation of your new web site account), you should see the WebSpawner Member Menu for your account. Select your Start page (marked with an asterisk) under Step 1 and then click the Modify button under Step 2, as shown below:


Now you’ll be looking at the Modification form for your web page. Scroll down in the form until you see the E-mail a Friend step, and click the Yes button as shown:


Next, complete the Modification process by clicking the Continue button at the bottom of the Modification form, and then click the I Like It button at the test page preview.

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