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Written by eric on October 3, 2007. Posted in User Guide, Web Page Tips.

The WebSpawner Members Directory (available through a link on the WebSpawner.com homepage) is an index of webpages created by WebSpawner users. Thousands of Member webpages are sorted into categories and sub-categories within, making the Directory an abundant source of relevant links which is updated regularly. The Members Directory is frequently spidered by major search engine crawlers; accordingly, inclusion in the Directory can help your webpage be found by people searching online for related content.

A listing in the Members Directory is absolutely free for all WebSpawner members, and placing your request for inclusion takes only a few moments… today we’ll show you how.

Begin by logging into your WebSpawner account with your User Name and Password, which will put you into the Member Menu for your account. Click the orange Options & Preferences tab as shown.


Under “Your Website Category” you can see the current category selected, if any, for your webpage. To select or change the category, click the Change Category button.


Use the drop-down menu to select an appropriate main category for your webpage.


The Title and Description fields are pre-filled with information you provided when creating your webpage; you can make changes to the text for each if you like. Then click the Continue button.


Next, you are prompted to select a sub-category for your webpage using a drop-down menu. Make your selection and click the Continue button as shown below.


That’s all you need to do. A confirmation message appears showing the category and sub-category you have selected. Click the Return to Member Access button to return to the Member Menu for your webpage account.


As the Members Directory is updated every 24 hours your listing should appear after the next update. All sub-categories list the webpages of WebSpawner Members with Enhanced accounts first under the “Featured Listings” heading. Following the Featured Listings are the webpages for users with Basic accounts.

For maximum relevancy and results, be sure to select the best category and sub-category for your webpage. For example, if you are a breeder offering puppies through your webpage, you would choose the “Home & Family” category and then the “Pets” sub-category.

Help interested viewers find your webpage through the Directory and search engines… select your webpage Category as described above today.

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